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Fencing, Sheds & Pergolas

At Chipping Norton Fencing, we provide you with high quality fencing and outdoor structures that suit you and are within your budget. Our high quality services ensure that our work will effectively do what you would like it to do, whether this be keeping dogs and children enclosed, providing privacy or creating your dream space to spend time in.


Our professional team can help design and build fencing that meets the requirements and style of your outside area. We only use the best materials to ensure your fencing is strong, long lasting and pleasing on the eye.

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Sheds & Outbuildings

We know how important it is to have an outbuilding which fulfills its purpose, and also looks good. We have helped many customers over the last 25 years create the perfect structure in their outside area.

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Pergolas are both practical and stylish. We have experience building a variety of pergolas in various styles and sizes, and we are fully qualified to help you design one that will transform your garden into the perfect space.

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We can offer a wide range of fencing for your property or business. Our team works efficiently and to the highest standards to ensure that we build hard wearing fencing that does exactly what it is designed to do.

New fencing for your home

Whether you are looking to replace current fencing or start from scratch, we can build you fencing that creates privacy and helps transform your outdoor area into the space you want it to be. We know how important it is to make something practical but also look good, so we take the utmost care to ensure we meet every one of your requirements.

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Sheds & Outbuildings

Over the last 25 years we have built a huge range of sheds and outbuildings that meet the specific needs of the customers. Not only are these structures practical, but they can help utilize the space you have.

Built to your specifications

Our team can work with you on housing and development plans, electrical mapping and consultancy. Whether you have a simple house build or a modern smart home, we have many years experience in wiring, testing, and finishing both aestheically pleasing and energy efficient electrical services.

Sheds and outbuildings are built for a purpose, and we ensure that every structure we build fulfills this. We build bespoke outbuildings to meet your specifications and your style, tailoring them to your individual outdoor space. From outdoor home offices, to sheds for bikes and tools, to summer houses, we can create the outdoor structure that best suits you.

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Freestanding or attached, with or without a roof, aluminum or wooden, we can build you a pergola that suits your space and creates an outdoor haven. Using only the highest quality materials, our pergolas are built to last.

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Transform your outdoor space

Pergolas can add style, charm and practicality to an outdoor area. They can provide shelter from the rain and sun, and create a space for you to relax and unwind while taking in the delights of nature. Over the years, our highly skilled local team have built bespoke pergolas that have transformed customer’s outdoor areas.

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